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Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy

Surendra Pratap Singh

260 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Multinational Enterprises and The Global Economy provides the readers with the information on the various multinational enterprises and the relation of with the global economy and explains them the emergence of international production. It provides the readers with all the information they seek on the subject of multinational enterprises and the effect these have on the global economy, for the better understanding of the readers. This book also discusses about the role of foreign direct investment in the multinational enterprises and the related economic development, the role of technology in the multinational enterprises and its inputs to the global economy, the role of human resources in the multinational industry, the role of government in the activities in multinational enterprises and future of multinational enterprises in view of the global economy.
Author Bio
Prof. Surendra Pratap Singh: Joined as a lecturer in 1976. Studied at Lucknow University and obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics, having 43 years of experience in higher education including Teaching and Administration. Selected Principal by the UP Higher Education Service Commission in 1990. Has long teaching and research experience and expertise in the areas of Rural Development, Agricultural Economics and Planning. Has been Member of the Lucknow University Executive Council for five terms, served as Chairman and Member of various committees of the UGC, NAAC Governing body and Member of several Educational and Planning projects and committees of Institutes of Higher Learning. Life Member, Fellow of several national levels academic and administrative bodies like Indian Economic Association, Mumbai, IIPA, New Delhi, Indian Economic Research Institute, Allahabad etc. Awarded and honoured by fifteen reputed Institutes. Has contributed research papers on various themes in National and International journals, organized, participated nearly in one dozen seminars of International level and took part in 100 seminars and workshops of national level. Visited many European & Middle East countries. Has published nine books and contributed research papers in journals. Worked as a Principal, National Post Graduate College, Autonomous, NAAC ‘A’, CPE College affiliated to Lucknow University. Presently working as Vice-Chancellor of University of Lucknow, U.P. India.