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Climate Conditions and Agriculture

Hazem Shawky Fouda

249 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Climate Conditions and Agriculture highlights the various climate conditions such as drought and its relation with the agriculture. This book aims to discuss the impacts of soil moisture on agricultural crops production, the climate impact on growth and effectiveness and survival of rhizobium leguminous agricultural crops and dairy and beef cattle farming and climate change. In the first half of the book, description regarding dependence of rainfall in planning and management of agricultural lands has been provided. In the second half of the book, the insights related to the quality water supply in agricultural arid and semi-arid lands, food security due to climate change and agricultural development and solutions for coping with the shortages of agricultural foods due to climate change, have been provided to the reader. In the last, discussions related to environmental management and deforestation with respect to climate change have been provided to the reader.
Author Bio
Hazem Shawky Fouda has a PhD. In Agriculture Sciences, obtained his PhD. from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, 2008, MSc. In Agriculture Sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University in 2004, Post-Grade Diploma in Cotton, 2001, BSc. in Agriculture Sciences, from the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University, 1997, He is working in Cotton Arbitration & Testing General Organization (CATGO) since 1999 till present. Was working in the International Cotton Training Center (ICTC) – Cotton Arbitration & Testing General Organization (CATGO) from 2000 till 2015, as a Lecturer & Classer’s Trainer for Egyptian and foreigner classers, technicians, ginners, spinners & traders in all cotton aspects starting from picking seed cotton till preparing bales for export including other cotton aspects and training them practically on classing cotton. Besides that he was an editor and active member in the Research & Translation Committee, participating in issuing weekly, monthly and annually issues about the international & local cotton market including price trends and direction, recent developments & researches concerning cotton production, protection, harvesting, ginning, fiber testing, spinning & weaving since its foundation in 2000 till 2014 and since 2015 till present he works as an inspector.