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Chemistry of Spices

Levitah Castil Mapatac

281 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Chemistry of Spices takes into account different kinds of spices and their chemistry. It includes almost all of the spices and their chemistry, present around the world. The chemical composition of the spices has been described. This book also discusses about processing of spices and process required for quality check, spices and its medicinal properties, chemical hazards related to spices, chemical and medicinal impacts of the spices and innovations in the spices industry. It also provides the reader with insights into the spices and their composition so as to analyze their importance in different fields such as medicine along with certain chemical hazards of spices.
Author Bio
Levitah C. Mapatac is an Associate Professor, researcher, writer and a PhD holder from the University in Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. Her interest varies from different chemistry concepts and applications and currently doing research in traditional medicines, water waste pollution and environmental chemistry in the aspect of contamination pathways, profilling and rehabilatation of mining waste.