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Dyslexia and Physical Education

Aparna Raghvan

262 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Dyslexia and Physical Education discusses about how dyslexia should be understood by discussing it with the physical education sector. This book provides readers with insights about dyslexia and physical education, physical development and health in early childhood and developing fundamental movement and skills. Readers are informed about stages of physical development and the step framework as well as explained about the research outcome on physical education and dyslexia. The text in this book also sheds light on different obstacles being faced by a dyslexic individual with the help of topics like dyslexic child in the classroom, five strategies of teaching used in the classroom and social and emotional difficulties. Different aspects and methods as well as future of dyslexia and physical education are also well explained in this book.
Author Bio
Aparna Raghavan has completed her PhD in Counselling Psychology, M.Sc Counseling Psychology and M.Phil Applied Psychology from University of Madras, India. She’s has published more than 10 papers in eminent journals and is a trained special educator