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Nano structures for energy storage and conversion and their application as catalysts for photochemistry and sensing

Aneeya Kumar Samantara Satyajit Ratha

281 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Nano structures for energy storage and conversion and their application as catalystsfor photochemistry and sensing examines various aspects of those nanostructures thatare used as catalysts for photochemistry and sensing. It includes a description aboutnanoparticles, photoelectrochemical and photochemical solar hydrogen generation.Provide the reader with the insights into the development of energy storage and conversionof nano particles and structures, so as to understand the importance of nanoparticlesas the best transducer for Electrochemical Biosensor.
Author Bio
Dr. Aneeya Kumar Samantara is a post-doctorate fellow at National Instituteof Science Education and Research, Odisha, India. He did his Ph.D.in Chemistry from CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology,Odisha, India. Before joining Ph.D., he completed Master in Science inAdvanced Organic Chemistry from Ravenshaw University, and Master ofphilosophy (M.Phil.) from Utkal University. Aneeya’s research interest includes the synthesis of metal chalcogenides and graphene composites for energy storage and conversionapplications and designing of electrochemical sensors for detection of different bioanalytes. To hiscredit, he has authored in 18 peer reviewed international journals, one Book (Springer Nature) andfour book chapters.