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Green Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture

Hatem Mohamed Hussein

293 pages
Arcler Education Inc
Green technologies have affected almost all of our life sectors where a considerable number of hazards for the ecosystem have been observed. Among all, a major application of green technologies has been considered in the agricultural sector which has introduced a major advancement in food production. This includes the development of a sustainable system without lowering the quality and quantity of the food being produced and implementation of the methodologies to enhance the organic practices and decreasing the use of harmful chemicals as pesticides and fertilizers.Green technologies use natural ways to maintain a sustainable system that keeps on improving without harming the ecosystem and creates the essential nutrients and needed boosters through the natural processes that occur on the farming sites and have no need to alter the ecosystem by using the conventional solutions.Though in some settings where pure organic practices are not possible, the use of both conventional as well as green technological practices are used for better management and processing of the sustainable agricultural settings.In this book, we have covered the basic s of green technologies that are being used in agriculture.In addition to the various types of technologies, their implementation, role, and effects in the agricultural sector have been analyzed in various ways. The use of green chemistry and its role in the development of a sustainable agricultural system is also analyzed and tested.Here we’ll also discuss how green technologies and sustainable agricultural practices are affected by external factors so that there is a marked difference in the systems of various countries.The challenges, the variations and the concerns will also be discussed to shed light on the current trends and technologies to help you understand the interrelationship of green technologies and sustainable agriculture.
Author Bio
Hatem M. Elghazali is an Agriculture Engineer and Researcher at Mansoura University, Egypt. He has over 10 years of experience in organic and conventional agriculture at Sekem Company, and have interests in greenhouses and Irrigation systems. He graduated in Agricultural Science from Mansoura University and received his master’s degree in Agriculture Engineering from Mansoura University and is currently working on his doctoral degree.