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Biotechnology of Food and Feed Additives

Patrícia Alexandra Batista Branco

301 pages
Arcler Education Inc
This book serves as a reference guide to the biotechnology of food and feed additives and broadly talks about the diverse variety of food and feed additives that are added in human and animal nutrition which addresses the knowledge behind the veil of biotechnology.In most of the developed nations and developing countries biotechnology is ap¬plied both in food and feed industry. Biotechnological methods are applied in production of many food products as preservatives to increase their shelf-life; as sweetening agent to enhance flavor; as a colorant to enhance the appear¬ance of food; and as thickener or emulsifying agent to improve the texture and consistency, as well as the nutritional value of the foodstuff. On the other hand, problems faced by the livestock producers and feed suppliers are even greater. Feed additives are the food supplements that are given to the farm animals that do not get enough nutrients from the regular means and includes vitamins, min¬erals, amino acids, etc. It is because of the contribution of biotechnology in food and feed industry which makes it possible to enhance the quality and processing of food and feed diets.The various technological advancements and developments in food and feed industry have made it possible to deliver a better quality and standard of the final product, assuring the safety measures and concerns. The additives in the food we consume and the feed that is added to the animal’s diet should be such that it does not lead to any serious health implications. A range of technologies that covers both the conventional and unconventional methods of processing the food and feed additives are applied across the developing nations.This book covers the potential of biotechnology and its applications in human and animal nutrition to address the safety issues in food and feed systems. In this respect, this book highlights the guidance to the possible and practical usage of additive both in food and feed diets. Hence, overall this book will help and guide us to completely understand the diverse variety of food additive that are used to preserve foods in better conditions, to add aroma and flavor to foods, enzyme and microbial organisms that are benefiting the food, various kinds of thickeners, stabilizers and emulsifiers that are added to enhance the consistency and texture of food, etc., concomitantly feed additives like antibiotics, beta-agonists, prebiotics and probiotics are used to improve the gut environment as well as to match the sufficient nutritional level. At the end, book covers the recent development and advancement in food sectors.
Author Bio
Patricia Alexandra Batista Branco has received her PhD in Food Engineering from Higher Institute of Agronomy, Lisbon, Portugal and Masters’ in Molecular Biology in Health from Egas Moniz School of Health, Portugal. She is an active researcher with many years of experience and has published research papers with reputed Journals.