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In The Body

A Collection of Short Stories and a Novella

Allison Baggio

304 pages
Ecw Press
An unflinching look at the human body and the ways it defines, fails, and frees us Building on themes introduced in her novel Girl in Shades, Allison Baggio explores the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds with In the Body, a collection of 12 short stories and the novella “As She Was.” Baggio’s range of voice and breadth of vision are showcased in stories like “Spilt Milk,” where an ordinary fare leads an Indo-Canadian taxi driver, who is unhappy with his current circumstances, to marry his passenger’s unattractive sister. In “Possessed,” a man receives a heart transplant and begins to suspect that his new heart is still attached to its old owner. The novella follows a teenage girl who, after a motorcycle accident, is left with a serious brain injury that dramatically alters her personality and body. The five people closest to her must reflect on who she was in order to come to terms with who she has become. In the Body is a stunning examination of the clash between how we perceive our own bodies and how we are perceived by others.
Author Bio
Allison Baggio is the author of Girl in Shades. Her fiction and commentaries have appeared in publications all across Canada, including Room, subTerrain, Today’s Parent, and the Toronto Star. She is a graduate of York University and the Humber School for Writers. She lives in Whitby, Ontario.