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Glimpses of God - Hope for Today's World

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We're experiencing turbulent times. In the Glimpses of God course, Canon David Winter draws on the Bible as he shows where we can find strength and encouragement as we live through the 21st century. Glimpses of God brings a message of hope.

The five session focus on:

Session 1: The God who hears our cry
Session 2: The Shepherd who guides and guards his people
Session 3: The Son who is the Way, the Truth and the Life
Session 4: The God who shares our pain
Session 5: The God who calms our fears

The participants on the course audio are the late British politician, Baroness Shirley Williams, Archbishop Stephen Cottrell, Professor David Wilkinson, Canon Lucy WInkett and Dr David Hope.

This York Course is available in the following formats
Course Book (Paperback 9780955743788)
Course Book (eBook 9781915843159)
Audio Book of Interview to support Glimpses of God Course (CD 9781915843142)
Audio Book of Interview (Digital Download 9781915843135)
Transcript of interview to support Glimpses of God York Course (Paperback 9780955743795)
Transcript of interview (eBook 9781915843166)
Book Pack (9781739182052 Featuring Paperback Course Book, Audio Book on CD and Paperback Transcript of Interview)
Large print (9781739182069)

Author Bio
Canon David Winter is a former Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC and the author of many popular books.