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Creation in Crisis

Christian Perspectives on Sustainability

Robert S. White

320 pages
SPCK Group

Creation is in crisis. Why then do we continue in activities that are manifestly harmful to ourselves and to others? Part of the answer is undoubtedly ignorance about what we are actually doing. But part is also that we do not want to face up to the fact that the material comforts we enjoy are bought at a cost to other people and to the natural world.

This volume highlights the seriousness of environmental degradation and climate change, the root causes and possible solutions, and the contribution of Christian thinking to these issues. Both scientific and theological points of view are presented by the distinguished writers: Richard Bauckham, Richard Carter, Flavio Comim, Ellen F. Davis, Calvin B. DeWitt, John Guillebaud, Donald A. Hay, Sir Brian Heap, Sir John Houghton, James J. McCarthy, Hilary Marlow, Douglas J. Moo, Jonathan Moo, Pete Moore, Michael Northcott, C. René Padilla, Robert S. White, and George Wilkes.

‘In these pages Robert White has assembled a remarkable cast. Indeed, if you were to lay on an international conference of specialists with expertise from different disciplines to reflect on the present state and the future hope of the earth, from a Christian perspective, you could hardly get a finer line-up! Their gift to the reader is that they are able to write so that those of us who are not experts might understand.’
James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool

Author Bio
ROBERT S. WHITE is Professor of Geophysics at Cambridge University, Associate Director of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion and a Fellow of the Royal Society