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Medieval Cityscapes Today

Catherine A. M. Clarke

120 pages
Amsterdam University Press
This book explores medieval cityscapes within the modern urban environment, using place as a catalyst to forge connections between past and present, and investigating timely questions concerning theoretical approaches to medieval urban heritage, as well as the presentation and interpretation of that heritage for public audiences.  Written by a specialist in literary and cultural history with substantial experience of multi-disciplinary research into medieval towns, Medieval Cityscapes Today teases out stories and strata of meaning from the urban landscape, bringing techniques of close reading to the material fabric of the city, as well as textual artefacts associated with it.  Deriving from the author’s own experience in urban regeneration and heritage interpretation projects, case studies – such as the development of a public art installation at a medieval ruin site and the development of a pavement marker trail – provide ways into exploring broader questions about relationships between the medieval and modern city.
Author Bio
Catherine A. M. Clarke ====================== Catherine A.M. Clarke is Chair in the History of People, Place and Community at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR), London. She has led major research and heritage interpretation projects in Chester and Swansea, and has published widely on place, power and identity in medieval Britain.