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The Picts Re-Imagined

Julianna Grigg

116 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Pictish studies is undergoing significant revision and invigoration, with recent archaeological discoveries and new methodologies in archaeology, cultural geography and art history prompting a re-assessment of Pictish cultural and social development. We can now say more about the cultural and political lives of the Picts than ever before, and these new findings are enabling a fresh perspective on the wider development of Early Medieval polities across the Latin west. This short book provides an exciting and informed synthesis of our current understanding of Pictish history and material remains.
Author Bio
Julianna Grigg ============== Author of The Philosopher King and the Pictish Nation, Julianna Grigg holds a PhD in History from the University of Melbourne and is currently an Adjunct Research Fellow with the School of Philosophical, Historical, and International Studies at Monash University.