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Lady Penelope's Winged Wonders

An Alphabet of Avian Marvels, from Anhinga to Zapata Wren

40 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Lady Penelope Thorne and a cast of characters discover the world of birds in this fun, snarky and incredibly beautiful book illustrated with vintage, Victorian nature illustrations.

Lady Penelope is as skilled with her sketchbook as she is with her field notes. Her unconventional approach to exploration leads her and her family and colleagues to blend seamlessly with local cultures, learning native languages, and immersing herself in the communities she visits. All this with a characteristic snarky and sarcastic wit, as well as intelligence and skill.

Join Penelope, her Uncle Reggie, Aunt Mabel, Cousin Edgar, and her assistant, Theodore Kingsley "T.K." Cartwright, the Linguistic Scholar (and cook, field medic, cultural liaison, and poet), as they travel the world illustrating and detailing birds all colors, sizes, and species.