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Nana and Me

Special Poems Just for Us

32 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

From the pen of world-reknowned poet, author, and Nana, JaneYolen, comes ## poems about grandmothers from around the world.

This sweet collection features Nanas who dream and thosethat sing crying babies to sleep; Nanas who hold hands crossing the street andsome that learn Hopscotch; Nanas who color with you and some that go to Zoos;and other Nanas spending precious time with their precious little ones.

From Spanish to Japanese, Swahilli to Yiddish, Scottish to Vietnamese,one thing is clear – No matter what language you say it in…”Grandma” means “Love.”


When Nana Jane Sleeps

Sometimes she snores

Sometimes she whistles.

Sometimes she is so quiet,

I tiptoe into her room

To make sure she is all right.

She always is.

Nana Jane is Jane Yolen  isAmerican

She is called Nana Jane by all her grandchildren

(she has six) and by her friends’ children and

Grandchildren, too.