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The Little Book of Arctic Animals

A Guide to the Resilient Creatures of the Extreme North

64 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Explore the snowy, breathtaking world of arctic animals in one gorgeous book! 

The Little Book of Arctic Animals, part of My Little Library of Natural History, introduces kids to dozens of the arctic's most fascinating creatures with details about their habitats, diets, and more. Hunt with the mighty polar bear. Dive with the mystic narwhal. Camouflage with the arctic fox. Adapt, hunt, and survive among some of the world's hardiest birds, mammals, and fish. 

Gorgeous vintage illustrations by some of the world's most enduring nature illustrators accompany each entry along with charts and other illuminating graphics.

Animals include:

  • Polar bear
  • Narwhal
  • Arctic Fox
  • Walrus
  • Arctic Hair
  • Beluga Whale
  • Musk Ox
  • Reindeer
  • Arctic Wolf
  • Snowy Owl
  • Ringed Seal
  • Bearded Seal
  • Arctic Tern
  • and many more!

The My Little Library of Natural History series is a growing set of books that explore the natural world. Titles include:

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  • My Little Book of North American Birds
  • My Little Book of Shells
  • My Little Book of Insects
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  • with more coming soon!