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I Am the Sun

32 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Elevate your spirit and let your soul sing with I Am the Sun, a sweeping picture book portraying modern Native American values, history, traditions, and struggles.

In this moving tale about present-day life for many Native Americans, breathtaking art and poignant prose tell of the hardships, the triumphs, and the resilience of a mighty people: the Diné (the Navajo). 

They raise sheep. They craft stunning jewelry. They weave vibrant rugs. Still many are without running water or electricity, and their stories and past remain forgotten to nearly all but themselves. I Am the Sun is that story, capturing in picture and word the joy and endurance of a people who love their history, family, language, art, food, dance, and land—and who hope patiently for a day when the sun will rise even brighter. 

Written by Janessa Parker, whose Navajo father grew up on the reservation, and illustrated by Navajo illustrator Beverly Blacksheep, I Am the Sun is a groundbreaking book to bring about understanding and harmony between all people.