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The Building Block of the Universe

David Miles

86 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

Meet the atom: the building block of the universe! 

"What this title does well is cover the basics of what an atom is and provides clear explanations of how the atom builds into elements, molecules, common substances like sugar, salt, chalk, and soda, even chocolate chip cookies. This book is for the youngest readers and curious minds asking about how life works....This title would work well in an elementary unit about chemistry or physics."-School Library Connection, Recommended

Over there is an atom.

Wait, you don't see it?

That's because are super, super, super, super, super small.

In this boldly illustrated book for beginners, young kids will learn the basics of atoms, molecules, and how everything fits together to build the world they love. Bright, modern art introduces protons, neutrons, electrons, elements, the periodic table, and much, much more! A stunning teaching aid that's as beautiful as it is educational.