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Shine Don't Whine

Cherrilynn Bisbano

163 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Do you know someone who complains? Perhaps you've been accused of grumbling and you want people to understand your pain. If you or someone you know are determined to leave past hurts, habits, and horrors behind, join Cherrilynn on her raw and realistic journey through the STAR Principle. You will get a firm foundation in the Word of God, learn your identity in Christ, recognize the importance of prayer, and understand why bad things happen to “good people.” The trek will be excruciating at times, but worth the time and tears as you travel to the dark abyss of sin and pain and gain truth to set you free from perfectionism, complaining, and self-hatred. People will be drawn to your light as you transform and grow closer to God with the STAR Principle.

S. See yourself as God sees you.
T. Transform Your Mind with the Word
A. Always Pray
R. Refine to Shine

Learn to leave the pain, sin, and darkness behind—Shine Don’t Whine.

Author Bio
Cherrilynn Bisbano is an award-winning writer and speaker. Her love for the Word of God and the body of Christ is evident when you meet her. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband and son, both named Michael. She fondly calls them her M&M’s.