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The Coming Glory

Hope Now for Life After Death

Paul Swets

175 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Everyone will die. Yet we rarely talk about death or what comes after death. One reason is that we don't know what the Scripture says about the coming glory.

Paul Swets' father did know. As his father neared death, the family gathered around his bed and waited in silence. Suddenly, with unusual strength, Paul's father sat up in bed, clapped his hands, and with a shout of triumph said, “I'm dying!”

How do we get to that point of joyful anticipation? Knowing God's promises! In The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life after Death, Dr. Swets clearly presents the promises in Scripture about life after death—promises that answer seven common concerns of those facing their own death or that of a loved one. In pre-publication copies of this book, those suffering grief have found enduring comfort and hope.

Scripture, hymns, engaging content, large print, chapter summaries, discussion questions, and recommended resources make The Coming Glory accessible to every reader.

Swets is passionate about helping readers be strengthened in their faith and filled with hope as they anticipate the coming glory.

Author Bio

Paul W. Swets served hundreds of families when their loved ones were near death. With his experience as a pastoral counselor, he comes alongside the reader with comfort, encouragement, and hope for the life after death.

Dr. Swets has degrees in Psychology, Theology, American Culture and Effective Communication.