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Living Out the Mandate of God

Pete Charette

221 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Jesus told His followers to go make disciples. Paul saw that as his mission. Yet in churches across the country, believers often go undiscipled. Everyone understands the importance of discipleship. Less understood is the process of discipleship. This book clearly presents the missing component of “how” disciples can be developed into Christian maturity. Included here are the nuts-and-bolts of Christian discipleship:

  • A framework for discipleship that enables a discipler to teach a fellow believer about such fundamental topics as prayer, Bible study, accountability and the need for community relationships.
  • Key principles a discipler can use as they prepare to disciple others
  • Guidelines for both one-on-one discipling relationships and small groups
  • Sample Bible study plans for both one-on-one discipling and for small groups This book will benefit everyone who reads it, whether a believer seeking to grow in their faith, a disciple seeking to assist others mature, or a pastor or church leader seeking to implement a discipleship program on a broader scale.
Author Bio
Pete’s faith journey is a testimony to God’s grace and mercy. A former drug addict and dealer, Pete came to saving faith in Christ in 1993. In 1998, Pete moved to Grand Rapids, MI, where he attended Seminary, Pete has personally discipled dozens of people using this book's process.