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God's Plan for Wellness

Kathleen LeSage

117 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Are you ready to be well?

Written from a biblical perspective with scientific research to back it up, God's Plan for Wellness outlines a personal wellness plan from a natural and Godly viewpoint to bring your body, soul, and spirit into balance and help you achieve a life of wellness through God in ways that may be easier than you think.

We've spent decades searching for the formula to wellness in this hectic, complex, wired world we live. However, God is speaking to us through His Word to give us the age-old, natural tools to live a healthier life, right now!

Wellness is so much more than how we look. One can be at a healthy weight and exercise regularly, but if that same person is in a stressful life situation or not feeding the spirit, the other areas need to be focused on and brought into alignment in order to experience complete wellness.

God's Plan for Wellness teaches that wellness isn't the result of a diet trend, the latest fitness gadget, or a new anti-wrinkle serum: God has it all planned out, intending for us to live healthy, vibrant lives!

Author Bio

Kathleen LeSage is the president of a nationally-known, award-winning wellness retreat. She resides between Vermont and Florida with her husband and two children who all have a hand in running the family business. They enjoy traveling, homeschooling, and outdoor activities where they can enjoy God's amazing creation.