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Finding Happiness

Building Stable Relationships in Turbulent Times

Paul W. Swets

146 pages
Crosslink Publishing

Drawing upon classic wisdom and new research in the psychology of well-being, FINDING HAPPINESS shows how to build friendships, overcome barriers to closeness, make a difference in people's lives, and face the future without anxiety.

Relationship building is revealed by Dr. Paul Swets as a matter of making slight adjustments in the way you speak and how you listen. He defines what those changes are and how to implement them to experience greater happiness. He illustrates how you can:

  • achieve closeness with those you care about
  • make others glad to be with you
  • enjoy more of your life

FINDING HAPPINESS enables you to experience and share the gift of happiness more often with the people you meet.

Author Bio
Paul Swets received his doctorate in Communication from the University of Michigan. His first book, THE ART OF TALKING SO THAT PEOPLE WILL LISTEN, is published by Simon & Schuster and in its 35th printing. Paul has degrees in Psychology, Theology, American Culture, and Communication.