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Lost and Found Along The Way

Stories for Your Faith Walk from the Camino de Santiago

Ron "Willie" Williams

400 pages
Deep River Books Llc

The Camino—or The Way—to Santiago is a five-hundred-mile, thirty-three-day walk across Spain's extreme conditions to reach the beloved Cathedral of Santiago. Ron “Willie” Williams walked The Way two and a half times, a total of twelve hundred miles. Why? It is less about what he gains, and more about what he loses along The Way—old behaviors, unforgiveness, and a tendency to play God. Journey with Willie through the chapters of Lost and Found Along The Way, as he sheds these tendencies, and in doing so finds a renewed, richer, and deeper faith.

The first few chapters are narrative historical fiction portraying James in Acts 12:2 facing his execution along with supposed reactions from his loved ones. At the end of this narrative, we transition back to nonfiction with the discovery of James' gravesite some eight hundred years after his martyrdom. Willie then explains how the Camino pilgrimages began along the Camino, also known as, The Way. No other nonfiction book offers such a unique back story of Saint James and the Camino.

The following chapters, and the bulk of the book, follow Willie's own Camino journeys, present vivid descriptions of the geography on the trail and historical background provide readers with a nearly firsthand experience of The Camino de Santiago. True and dramatic faith walk stories demonstrate God's hand in people's lives and guide readers to dig deeper into their own spiritual life and get outside their comfort zone.

The final chapter of Lost and Found Along The Way instructs fellow sojourners in how to follow Willie's example to strengthen their own faith and share it with those who have lost their own faith—no hiking boots required.

Author Bio
Ron “Willie” Williams is a retired literature, composition, and history teacher with national distinction as a Master Teacher and the equivalent of three master’s degrees in addition to his BS in Education. He is addicted to Aha! moments—forever anticipating the next one for himself and his fellow sojourners along life’s journey. Ordained a Catholic deacon in 1994, he leads church missions, serves as clergy for prison retreats and homeless shelters, and is a spiritual director and counselor. He is a home remodeler, flower gardener, and avid Chicago sports fan. Williams’ sanity is questionable as he is also addicted to the five-hundred-mile Camino, “The Way,” hiking it two and a half times . . . so far. Employed as a corporate chaplain, Willie lives near Chicago, Illinois. He treasures his bride of forty-six years, five children, and six grandchildren whom he relishes taking on “Papa adventures.”