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Rooted (IN)

Thriving in Connection with God, Yourself, and Others

Susan Carson

240 pages
Deep River Books Llc

We are all on a journey of becoming who we already are. We are already fully loved, created with intention, to live with joy and significance. To thrive in spirit, soul, and body. To live deeply connected with God, with our true selves, and with others.

But something is in the way.

Author Susan Carson says she has experienced it, too—the shame, pain, and disappointments of life leave you isolated and separated from God, your true self, and others. You end up drifting through life outside yourself, longing to experience love and acceptance and grace.

You are made to live rooted in a deep and lasting experience of God's love.

Rooted (IN) is a journey out of shame and into love. The spiritual paths and practices in this book open the way to living rooted and grounded in the love of Christ that heals and restores. Over the last few decades, serving as a Director of Roots&Branches Network, Susan Carson had the honor of praying with hundreds of people. She has learned the only way out of our shame and pain is a journey in.

On your journey (IN), you'll

  • Experience new ways to connect, to put down roots deep and wide that nourish and heal the soul
  • Disconnect from shame and pain that leave you isolated and stuck
  • Encounter God through prayerful practices that restore spirit, soul, and body
  • Live more present to God, to your own heart, and to others
  • Enjoy the fruit and flow of a life rooted in love

Rooted (IN) will equip you with the principles and prayerful practices you need to stop being stuck and start living a life full of joy and meaning with your tribe.

Author Bio
Susan Carson is founder and director of Roots&Branches Network, a listening and healing prayer ministry in Cincinnati, Ohio. With her team, she helps people encounter God in ways that transform and restore. As a speaker, she helps communities create shame-free, noise-free, formula-free cultures of healing. Since graduating from Vanderbilt University, Susan has watched God weave her passions for writing, communicating, and healing together in unexpected ways. Following over 25 years in educational publishing, Susan has served as Director of Curriculum at Vineyard Community Church, and Communications Director for Kerus Global Education. Her greatest joys are being a wife, mom, stepmom, and friend.