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Intellect, Affect, and God

The Trinity, History, and the Life of Grace

Joseph Ogbonnaya Gerard Whelan

416 pages
Marquette University Press

The wealth of reflection of the contributing authors of this volume—often relatively young—confirms that the influence of Lonergan's thought continues to expand in the areas of philosophy, theology, and the social sciences. It also reveals how Robert M. Doran has expanded on the thought of Lonergan on issues such as psychic conversion and the four-point hypothesis and that these developments are being widely received in diverse interdisciplinary areas including systematic theology, interreligious dialogue, priestly formation, ecology, scriptural hermeneutics, world Christianity, theopolitics, sociology, etc., This collection of essays is relevant not only to Lonergan scholars but to all who are curious about the relevance of Lonergan and Doran studies to contemporary issues.

Contributing authors include: Brian Bajzek, Jeremy Blackwood, Lucas Briola, Anne M. Carpenter, John P. Cush, John D. Dadosky, Darren J.Dias, Gregory P. Floyd, Joseph K. Gordon, Jonathan Heaps, Ryan Hemmer, Christopher Krall, Cecille Medina-Maldonado, Joseph C. Mudd, Jacob M. Mudge, Cyril Orji, Gordon Rixon, Josephat John Rugaiganisa, Eugene R. Schlesinger, Andrew T. Vink, Jaime Vidal Zuñiga