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Advancing Mariology

The Theotokos Lectures 2008-2017

Jame Schaefer

320 pages
Marquette University Press
Ten lectures in Mariology. Topics include: Catholic and Orthodox liturgical and theological traditions; the story and image of Mary at Guadalupe and meaning among Protestant Christians; early biography of Mary written in Old Georgian and attributed to Maximus the Confessor; the doctrine of Mary's Immaculate Conception and its reception; the meaningfulness of Mary examined through four Marian lyrics; the title “Omnipotent by Grace” that was given to Mary; Mary as "Wisdom" and the "Lady of the Temple" who enabled the Israelites to experience God; Mary's significance in the 21st century; the history of devotion to Mary in Latin America during the conquest period and challenges to Mariological thought that remain; the postconciliar decline in interest in Marion piety and Mariology as a field of theological study, and todays renewed interest.
Author Bio
Jame Schaefer, Ph.D., is Professor of Theology at Marquette University. Her focus is on constructively relating theology, the natural sciences, and technology with special attention to religious foundations for ecological ethics. She convened the Theology and Ecology and the Theology and Global Warming interest groups of the Catholic Theological Society of America for several years and maintains membership in the American Academy of Religion, the Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences, the College Theology Society, the International Society for Environmental Ethics, the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, the Society for Conservation Biology, and the Society of Christian Ethics.