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Luther's Christological Legacy

Christocentrism And The Chalcedonian Tradition

Johannes Zachhuber

148 pages
Marquette University Press

“In Luther's theological position lay a strong and uncompromising affirmation of the absolute centrality of the person of Jesus Christ for the Christian faith. In this sense, the principle, slogan or motto “Christ alone” (solus Christus) is the culmination of the other three, similar phrases – Scripture alone (sola scriptura); by faith alone (sola fide); by grace alone (sola gratia) – which are often associated with Reformation theology. The centrality of Luther's fixation on the person of Jesus Christ as the one, single redeemer of humankind will, I hope, open a perspective for the commemoration of Luther and his Reformation that should be of interest and concern for Protestants and Catholics alike.”

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Johannes Zachhuber is Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology, University of Oxford, Faculty of Theology and Religion. His current research projects include the emergence of a Christian philosophy in doctrinal debates following the Council of Chalcedon, and the study of systematic-theological reflection on the significance of individuality for the Christian faith. Among his writings are Theology as Science in Nineteenth-Century Germany: From F.C. Baur to Ernst Troeltsch (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) and Human Nature in Gregory of Nyssa: Philosophical Background and Theological Significance (Leiden: Brill, 1999; paperback, 2014). He is one of the editors of The Oxford Research Encyclopedia on Martin Luther.