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Scarlet Circus

256 pages
Tachyon Publications Llc
From ecstasy to tragedy, with love blossoming shyly, love at first sight, and even love borne of practical necessity—beloved fantasist Jane Yolen's newest collection denies the very notion of simple love stories. This bewitching assemblage of passion and adventure by a legendary, World Fantasy Award-winning author, is a delightful read for absolutely anyone who appreciates witty, compelling and cleverly-wrought romance.

“Jane Yolen is, simply, a legend.”
Catherynne M. Valente, author of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own

A ship at sea encounters a mysterious merman they must learn to communicate with. A fairy rake meets the real Juliet behind Shakespeare's famous tragedy. A jewelry artist falls into the past to meet the man who will establish a long-running silversmithy. And more than one ignored princess finds their match in the most unlikely men.

Following the acclaimed collections The Emerald Circus and The Midnight Circus, The Scarlet Circus brings you the many treasures and transformations that only love can bring.
Author Bio
Jane Yolen has been called the Hans Christian Andersen of America. She is the author of over three hundred and sixty five books, including children’s fiction, poetry, short stories, graphic novels, nonfiction, fantasy, and science fiction. Her publications include Owl Moon, The Devil’s Arithmetic, Briar Rose, Sister Emily’s Starship, and Sister Light, Sister Dark. Among her many honors are the Caldecott and Christopher Medals, multiple Nebula, World Fantasy, Mythopoeic, Golden Kite, and Jewish Book awards; as well as the World Fantasy Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Science Fiction Poetry Grand Master Award. Yolen is also a teacher of writing and a book reviewer. She lives in Western Massachusetts and St. Andrews, Scotland.

Brandon Sanderson is the fifteen-time New York Times best-selling author of adult and young adult fantasy, including the Mistborn Trilogy, the Stormlight Archive, the Cosmere novels, and the Rithmatist series. In 2007, he was chosen by Robert Jordan’s widow to complete Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time series, published in three novels. He participates in the weekly podcast Writing Excuses. Sanderson's 2022 Kickstarter, for his four new entries in the Cosmere series, received finding of forty-one million dollars, the most in crowdfunding history. He currently resides in Utah with his family.