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By Divine Design

Questions that trouble many but few dare to ask

Michael Pearl

88 pages
No Greater Joy Ministries
Michael Pearl discusses questions that trouble many but few dare to ask. • "Why does God permit sin, sorrow, and suffering if He is who He claims to be?" • "Why did God even make us capable of sinning? If He knows all and is all powerful, couldn't He have created a world without sin and death?" • "Why did God create Lucifer if He knew it would result in sin?" Many doubt God's good intentions, angry at the Deity whom the feel is responsible for their sufferings. Inmates in state prisons, students on college campuses, and our neighbors next door all ask the same accusing questions. Likewise the Christian parents standing beside a small grave are often heard challenging God. This book was written to answer a need in the author -- a need to speak, to document his world view. Over forty years of study reflection, interaction, and teaching has developed a perspective that, though not original in any single point, is unique as each individual is unique.