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Glooscap Legends

Stanley Spicer

48 pages
Nimbus Publishing

These stirring tales describe the life-history of Glooscap. Endowed with supreme powers, Glooscap, the benevolent warrior against evil, was credited with the creation of many wild creatures and the change in form of others. Even the land was influenced by his handiwork and several notable landmarks along the Fundy Coast are linked with this story.

In Glooscap Legends, both famous and little-known legends are told of this god who made his home on the mountaintop of Cape Blomidon. He was a giant, a magician and a friend to the oppressed. This edition is illustrated by native artist Teresa MacPhee and includes a map of Glooscap landmarks.

Author Bio
Stanley Spicer (1924-2007) is the author of numerous articles and seven books, including Sails of Fundy, Saga of the Mary Celeste, and Captain from Fundy.