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Death Plays Poker

A Clare Vengel Undercover Novel

Robin Spano

422 pages
Ecw Press

Someone’s making a killing at a major poker tournament — one dead player at a time — in this mystery featuring a young female undercover cop

“[Death Plays Poker] is a book that grabs you like a gambling addiction and doesn’t let go.” — Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Every year, the Canadian Classic Poker Tour attracts TV cameras, scores of fans, and some of the most exciting players from the world of professional gambling. This year it has also attracted a serial killer. Players have been turning up strangled in their hotel rooms, and the Poker Choker’s latest victim was an undercover cop sent in to catch the killer. But nothing stops the Poker Classic from playing on — no matter who folds.

Now young cop Clare Vengel is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s last hope for bringing the killer to justice. Going undercover as a trust-fund princess who thinks gambling is a better idea than college, her flashy new wardrobe helps her infiltrate the elite circle of professional liars. But with her handlers doubting her every move, Clare starts to wonder if they're right: Should she pack it up and go home to a dull life as a beat cop? As more victims lose their lives, Clare will have to go all in against a killer who doesn’t bluff.

Author Bio
Robin Spano is a crime writer who wishes she lived inside the Charlie’s Angels TV show. As consolation for that being impossible, she writes a series where she sends a young female cop on cool undercover assignments – places Robin would love to go if she wasn’t petrified of danger. She lives in Vancouver with her more practical husband, Keith. She is also the author of Dead Politician Society (ECW 2010).