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Pankauski’s Trustee’s Guide

John Pankauski

202 pages
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$59 Trillion Inherited by 2030…Most of it in a trust. Are you ready?If you are a trustee or a beneficiary of a family trust, you need this book. Palm Beach trust guru John Pankauski—the attorney the attorneys hire—gives you the inside scoop on what it means to be a trustee and what you need to know if you’re involved with a family trust.In this book, you will find:• Individual trustees behaving badly and what not to do when serving as trustee• Beneficiaries and their struggle with inherited wealth• Duties and obligations of a good trustee• How trustees are supposed to protect and work for their beneficiaries• Why most individual trustees don’t have the time or experience to manage money or administer a trustThis is your one stop, insider’s guide to how family money is managed and mis-managed for mis-fits, mistresses, second and third spouses, and adult children. If you are thinking about creating a trust, serving as a trustee, or are a beneficiary, this first-of-a-kind trustee’s book is full of revealing stories of blood, money, and the fight for wealthy.
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John Pankauski started his career on “banker’s row” in Palm Beach and now leads a boutique trust & estate litigation and probate administration law firm in West Palm Beach, Florida. Through his trials and billions of dollars in trusts, he now shares his battle-drawn experiences with trustees, beneficiaries, and family members.www.johnpankauski.com