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Angels with Attitude

Bev Lakomek

80 pages
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Angels with Attitude speaks of where we live on a daily basis in our thoughts and attitudes. We are God's angels, not only to ourselves, but to the world. We carry within us the message of love. This loving message can be blocked by thoughts and attitudes that come from our egos and fears. The inspirational writings contained in this book are meant to bring its reader to a crossroad-a point of contemplation and decision. Each day, we make such choices that either bring us to love, peace, and joy or leave us in fear. If we are to be the angels of God-His messengers-we are meant to live in the love of God.
Author Bio
Bev Lakomek, has been on a spiritual journey since she was a teenager. This journey has brought her to where she is today as an author and a teacher of spiritual principles. As an artist, life coach, wife, mother, and grandmother, Bev has sought to capture in her writing the essence of where we all live in our every day challenges, understanding the natural desire to experience a life that is filled with love, joy, and peace. Her conversational writing style seeks to speak simply into the heart of where we live every day. Bev is a student of the teachings of Unity and Science of Mind. She currently lives in Portage, Indiana with her husband.