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Theory You

Launches the Topic of Self-Mentoring

Joseph J. Cronin

138 pages
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In work around the globe I made the observation that managers unable to manage themself were poor at managing others.When teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level my course preparations revealed a lack of mentoring existed in many companies.Theory You fills the void created by these two deficiencies. It is a more personal approach to management than Theory X or Theory Y. The book is designed to provoke potential managers to think and plan strategically for advancement and to serves as a refresher throughout the many points in a career.Theory You is the breakthrough management guide that prepares an individual to manage themselves all the way to the corner office.
Author Bio
Joseph J. Cronin is a former global advertising executive and educator. He was Vice-Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising and also held executive management positions with advertising giants DDB and BBDO. He was part of the management team at Chrysler Corporation in the early 1980’s when Chrysler fought successfully for survival and repaid the loan guarantees from the US government.In his advertising career he has been president of agencies in Los Angeles and Miami and had executive positions in New York, Boston and Detroit. His extensive global experience includes work in: Japan, United Kingdom, China, France, Argentina, Hong Kong, Belgium, Venezuela, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.His education experience includes two stints teaching at Northeastern University in Boston where he taught courses in both global marketing and global management. He has also spoken at many colleges and universities including: U Cal Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Stanford, U Hawaii, Emerson, U Maine, and Arizona State Thunderbird School.He resides in both Los Angeles and Boston.