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Chronicles of the Fallen

Lancaster Aya

676 pages
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“No! I will survive! No matter what… they have to know what’s coming… she has to! I have to protect her!”Ezryan, the Commander of the First Legion, had fallen from the Heaven. He was sent to obtain a forbidden Secret within its walls, one that said could strengthen the Hell’s reign over humans.What he did, caused the Heaven to unleash its wrath and burned him, thus, he carried the secret he'd obtained to his grave.Centuries after his death, lesser soldiers mysteriously disappeared. Cain, the son of Adam, announces the most unexpected prophecy which is believed to be a groundless lie not to be spoken.However, upon hearing Cain’s prophecy, one of Ezryan’s companions revealed the commander’s last words he secretly confided before he died. It urged them to follow the dark trails he left behind. Their quest leads to encounter friends and foes beyond their imagination. Along with it, they uncovered not only deadly secrets that could save their lives, but also their true enemies who seek to destroy them.At their relentless search, the archangels deem them to be lethal threats that could overthrow the fragile balance between Heaven, Hell and Earth. Wanting to prevent this, the archangels orchestrated a plan: annihilate all Hell.But the Holy Army isn't the only ones after their lives. Driven by thoughts that they've stumbled upon something they weren't supposed to and that they plan to commit high treason, Leaders of Hell and ultimately their master, the Morningstar, want their blood.There’s only one who holds the whole key for their survival, only a small problem: he’s known to be dead.From another world to the depth of the abyss, it’s a race to survive the Great War between heaven and hell and overcome the destiny… with humans as the victim.
Author Bio
Aya Lancaster is a college student who’s currently going through her final year. Ever since senior high, she'd been fascinated by novels from overseas. Before she realized it, she’s read many genres, especially conspiracy, supernatural and thriller.It was from reading that many that she found a certain excitement in writing. At first, she was doubtful, but inspired by the experience of a lot of authors, she began developing the idea for her first book, an idea that was almost forgotten, which she had when she was still on eighth grade.This trilogy is her first work as a writer. She lives a quiet life with her family in Jakarta, which will turn one-eighty the moment she meet her friends.