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Global Warning

A.J. Mahbubani

40 pages
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All children deserve to live in a world of fantasy and fun but a time comes when they also need to be introduced to the real world. “Global warnings; an animal affair” sows the seeds of truth into the young minds of our children and allows them to start questioning important values. This book can also be used as an interactive tool between parent and child to discuss and learn together. If you are a family with moral values and want to set a firm foundation for your young ones to live by this is the book to begin that journey. This story is about different animals speaking to humans in order to bring light to their reckless behaviour and show them the error of their ways. This rhyming book touches on loyalty, discrimination, strength of character and many other topics whilst still trying to keep it light and entertaining. Our kids should eventually learn that ‘happily ever after’ can only be achieved if we learn to take responsibility for our actions.
Author Bio
Anu Mahbubani is a 42 year old, stay at home mum, who now lives in Hong Kong. Educated in the U.K, she spent 18 years of her married life in West Africa where she owned her own business. The inspiration for this story came from invigorating discussions with her two teenage daughters about life, nature, and spirituality. This is her debut book and she is currently working on her second book about life lessons.