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Total Disaster

Abby Nield

160 pages
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Tilda might look like an ordinary girl, but she is a powerful Elemental. In ‘Total Disaster’, the sequel to teen author Abby Nield’s ‘Difficult Life’, Tilda is on the run from her own father, a power-hungry despot who wants to use her skills for his own plans of conquest.When she is captured, along with her shapeshifter friends, and forced into a school for the ‘gifted’, she must learn to use her own powers before time runs out and her father finally hunts her down.Will she be ready to face him? Will she be able to save her friends? Will it be a total disaster?
Author Bio
Abby Nield is a 15-year-old school student from a country town on the Eyre Peninsula. She lives on a farm where she enjoys the open spaces and the chance to help her Dad with sheep work. Abby attends church regularly, enjoys going on Christian youth camps and loves her sport.
This ambitious young author is an avid reader of fiction filled with a wild imagination and an insatiable desire to write.