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Letters To My Child’s Guardian

Virginia Antipolo-Utt

738 pages
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This is a wonderful gift to parents, children, and estate planning practitioners. It offers a helpful reference
on many items they need to consider when selecting a guardian for minor children and provides a souvenir
to cherish forever. Lorraine del Prado, Vice President, Principal Gifts & Philanthropic Initiatives at Seattle

In this remarkable book, Virginia, a deeply caring and professionally accomplished person, brings what she
shares with family, friends, and clients in her everyday life: compassion, wisdom, expertise, and a profound
commitment to making our world a better place through the wellbeing of children and families. Al Boren, CEO
of the Shasta Family YMCA

I highly endorse this book! It as a valuable tool for parents . . . and the best legacy we can leave our children.
Brenda Baltrusch, Career Trust Officer at Large National Bank

Every parent faces the often gut-wrenching question: “Who will raise my child in the event of a disaster?” As
difficult as it is to focus on dire possibilities, selecting a guardian for one’s minor child is an essential part of every
parent’s will. Parents who fail to act leave their child’s guardian unprepared and may leave their child’s future,
routines, and traditions up to strangers to decide.

If you could spend a few moments now that would make it possible to dramatically help your child
navigate a profoundly difficult time later, would you?

Letters to My Child’s Guardian offers:

• Many parent-attorney insights about child guardianship decisions
• Identifies critical legal issues and practical choices to consider in wills and trusts
• Demystifies this process for each family and provides great insight

Letters is packed with practical and educational tips about guardianships, wills and trusts, several thousand
questions to ponder, and over 700 pages to peruse. It raises many thought provoking and broadly applicable
questions and many hypothetical what if scenarios and ideas. Letters also creates a unique “catastrophe”
resource, jumpstarts vital discussions, and guides parents to share an enduring family legacy that will captivate
future generations. Through Letters parents can supplement their estate plans in a non-legally binding fashion
and reveal and preserve profoundly meaningful advice. Families can use this inspirational resource to create
powerful letters of encouragement, advice, and wisdom for their children.

Author Bio

For over thirty years attorney Virginia Antipolo-Utt has provided sophisticated and compassionate estate planning counsel to her clients about wills, trusts, and guardianships. Virginia graduated from Duke University Law School, enjoys writing and cooking, and since elementary school has enjoyed serving in many diverse volunteer capacities. Virginia lives with her husband, daughter, and fur-faced friends near Seattle, Washington. She is also presently working on a book with her daughter focused on uplifting and launching young people through the sometimes challenging teen life lessons.