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God Loves Horses, God Loves Me

Bob Dr. Crout, Th.D.

32 pages
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Introducing a glimpse into the lives of two beautiful children I have known since birth and seeing the results of the love of Jesus Christ and God’s creation in these children is indeed a joy beyond comprehension. A true lover of horses most of her life, this little girl will impress all who read this book. Her little brother, just by seeing his expressions, reminds one of the joys of life. This true story is to bring attention to all readers of the necessity of salvation.

“Dr. Bob Crout introduces us to Amelia and Jared, two special children who love horses and love Jesus. You will feel His presence in some of the beautiful prayers and inspirational writings of the author. Your child will feel as if they have made new friends in this inspired book that will encourage all who read about them.”
—Dr. Glenn Mollette, president,
Newburgh Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana

“This is a wonderful little book about love. Can you think of a more precious thought about love? It makes you feel warm, content, and makes you smile. If you know Bob Crout, you will understand why he wrote this book. He wanted to share with the reader the power and glory of love and the joy of sharing it with others.”
—Robert Echols, United States District Judge (retired)

“Dr. Crout has written a wonderful book for children. The book moves me deeply and I am so thankful that he chose to use my little song in his book. Our Creator loves beauty and a lot of that beauty is seen so sweetly in this book.”
—Joel Hemphill, Song writer and author

Author Bio
Dr. Crout is a forty-two-year retired military veteran, a retired Southern Methodist elder, an active church organist and Sunday school teacher of men. Since 1999, he has been a member of the board of directors of Southern Methodist College. He is the business and financial manager for a well-known music artist in Nashville, Tennessee. He has written a number of publications as well as another book. He has a degree in business administration from Forrest College, a BA in biblical studies from Southern Methodist College, an MA in biblical studies, and a ThD in theology from Newburgh Theological Seminary.