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Stories from the Shelter

A Lawyer’s Ministry with God’s Children Who Are Homeless

Blake W. Barrow

222 pages
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The United States is still the land of opportunity, but many of our citizens have been left behind—living in cars, back alleys, abandoned buildings, and shelters provided for people who are homeless. Who are these people who are homeless in America?Blake Barrow answered the call of God to leave a successful career as a trial lawyer and run the Rescue Mission of El Paso, a Christian shelter for homeless men, women, and children. Stories from the Shelter is his account of the people he grew to love who came to the Rescue Mission for help over the last sixteen years. He shares his personal successes and frustrations, while describing the people at the Mission and the problems that caused them to be homeless. Divided into short, quick-reading, independent chapters, Stories not only describes the people he encountered in the shelter but also chronicles his own spiritual journey of following God’s call from lawyer to missionary.