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Job Won!

Phil Blair

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Human potential will be the next major agent of economic growth. But what does this mean to you and me?As the Human Age evolves, we will see talent and human potential replace capital as the new dominant resource.Once you are aware of the changes coming your way you will be better equipped to apply the practices in this book to make sure you are the talent-filled individual that companies crave And you will be the one who gets to say Job Won! JobWon! by Phil Blair
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Because he loves his job as an employment industry expert, few people think more about work than Phil Blair. And since 1977, he and co-owner Mel Katz have built Manpower San Diego into the largest Manpower franchise in the U.S. with annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Manpower provides quality employment opportunities, training and workforce solutions. It is San Diegos fourth largest for-profit employer providing approximately 2,500 jobs daily.Blair is among San Diegos most visible and respected business leaders. He is an oft-quoted employment commentator, appearing in local and national business mediaprint, broadcast and Internet. Blair is a professional speaker on employment and workforce transition issues and is the author of Strategies for Success, a career resource guide. His own transitionto online mediahas been smooth with publication of his blog, Job-Won.com. Blair has two sons and lives with his wife in San Diego.