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Do I Need It? (And What if I Do?)

Answers to All Your Questions about Plastic Surgery

Francesca Camp

168 pages
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Even if you’re just thinking about plastic surgery, you’ll benefit from this book, which tells you exactly what you want to know—starting with the key question: Do I need it?If your answer is yes, you’ll welcome the insider advice from a plastic surgery consultant who has observed hundreds of procedures and formerly counseled thousands of pre-and post-surgery patients for one of New York’s premier plastic surgeons.Among the topics she covers:•Where do I find a surgeon?•What should I ask?•How much will it cost?•What are the risks?•Will I scar?•Is there pain?•How long does healing take?•Will I still look like me?•Should I tell?With simple language, a reassuring attitude and a touch of humor, Francesca Camp makes the process less intimidating and offers practical advice you won’t find anywhere else–from estimating a truly realistic timetable to choosing the right bedding for your recuperation.Reading this book may be your first step toward a life-changing transformation. www.Do-I-Need-It.com
Author Bio
Holder of an M.S.W. and PhD, and also a licensed paramedical aesthetician, Francesca is the founder of CampCare, which provides advice and assistance in the U.S. and abroad for prospective plastic/cosmetic surgery patients. She leads clients through the entire process, from deciding whether surgery is their best option to helping them find the right doctor, ask the questions, prepare for surgery, and ensure the quickest, least problematic and most satisfying recovery.Francesca’s compassionate and very practical advice is based on her extensive training and experience. She has supervised a pre-and post-surgical care clinic for one of New York’s premier plastic surgeons, observed thousands of procedures, and worked one-on-one with hundreds of individuals.She divides her time among New York, Florida and Europe, and she is an active volunteer with organizations that help adults and children in need of medical services. “I am at heart a caretaker,” she says.