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The Bluebell Wood

Caroline Cressey

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The Bluebell Wood is a vivid portrayal of life in war-torn areas around the world through the eyes of children. Through this wonderful tale, readers will discover more about life and the purpose of their existence. Set in the United Kingdom in the 1990s, The Bluebell Wood revolves around refugee, orphaned, and abused children. Here readers will find the story of how a particular group of children are then rescued by the headmistress of a convent, Sister More. It is a story that reveals the importance of love and what happens when children are deprived of this, their birthright. The book also describes, through events, how parents and guardians hurt children in subtle and not so subtle ways. In The Bluebell Wood, Cressey has written an engaging narrative that will appeal to all those interested in the very political events in war-torn countries. Unique and interesting, this book will entice readers because it will allow them to know that the trauma suffered by children in these situations is not a subject often covered in fiction today.

Author Bio

Caroline Cressey has been passionate about books and writing since childhood and first began writing seriously in her twenties. She emigrated from the United Kingdom with her then husband in 1983, and has since studied general and psychiatric nursing. She currently works in a private hospital in Brisbane as a registered psychiatric nurse.