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The Only Puppy

Ginny Musante Erickson Chris Cartwright

36 pages
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The only puppy keeps getting into trouble, when all she really wants to do is play. The story was inspired by actual events that occurred when the author was a volunteer raising an “only puppy” for Canine Companions for Independence. Canine Companions provides service dogs to open doors, turn on lights, and pull wheelchairs for children and adults with disabilities. A portion of the revenue generated from the sale of this book will be donated to Canine Companions. For more information about Canine Companions and The Only Puppy including fun, games, and merchandise visit: www.theonlypuppy.com.
Author Bio
Ginny Musante lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Ray, and golden retriever, Roxy. She has raised a number of puppies to become service dogs, including the one that inspired this story. The Only Puppy is her first children’s book.