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In-Powering Wellness Through Communication

Scott A. Morofsky

218 pages
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After years of being in recovery and twelve-step programs and seeing his friends dying, not so much from their primary addiction but rather from their crossover afflictions, Scott Morofsky came to recognize that the crossover afflictions plaguing humans were not being addressed. Drawing upon key elements from his own personal struggles and the struggles of his clients, through an adaptation of the traditional twelve-step recovery program, he created Wellativity and its 12 Principles, which target crossover afflictions such as obesity, smoking, lethargy, denial, procrastination, extremes in exercise, eating disorders, and any behavior that inhibits wellness. Scott Morofsky’s book introduces us to the concept of Wellativity, whose core focus is communication, optimal well-being and body, mind and spirit fitness. He expertly guides us in the practice of the 12 Principles and shows that through continual communication with one’s Higher Power, professional therapist, doctor, and/or any trusted and caring individual, we will become “In-Powered” and transformed to a healthier state of being. Included is an unprecedented, proven effective, breathing-conditioning program that incorporates key elements of the 12 Principles into daily readings defined as Wellativity’s Daily Breath.
Author Bio
Scott Morofsky grew up in New York. In addition to his battles with and overcoming of his own physical disability as a young boy and his personal involvement in recovery, he has national certification as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and various other certifications in the health and fitness field. He is a New York State licensed massage therapist and a graduate of the Swedish Institute of Massage and Allied Health Sciences. As a professional, Scott has maintained a thirty-two-year private practice specializing in joint replacement rehabilitation and physical training for seniors, as well as fitness training and massage therapy, and has given lectures and taught seminars on these subjects. Spirituality has always been at the core of his work.