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Knock Em Dead Job Search Letter Templates

Martin Yate

351 pages
Jumpingdude Media
Unique in the world of job search books, Knock 'em Dead Job Search Letter Templates teaches you the latest tips and tactics for writing cover letters and job search letters for every job hunting challenge. In addition, you get 125 samples of different job search letters, and also 125 cover letter and job search letter templates, each ready to use in Microsoft Word format. The 125 cover letter and job search letter templates include: cover letters for recruiters, headhunters, hiring managers, and blind job postings; professional networking and LinkedIn connection request letters; telephone and face-to-face interview follow-up letters; negotiation, rejection, and reconnection letters; and finally, those glorious acceptance, resignation, and thank you letters. Written communication skills are a key requirement of every professional job today and represent an essential skill set that defines every successful professional career. Demonstrating effective written communication skills can add a whole new dimension to your candidacy: they help your resume get read with serious intent, and help your candidacy stand out throughout the selection cycle with demonstration of thoughtful written communication skills. The advice in Knock 'em Dead Job Search Letter Templates will give your job hunt powerful ammunition and help you improve the written communication skills you need to succeed in this job search and throughout your career. This book includes the text and letter samples from the latest edition of Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters, but also delivers something unique in the world of resume writing: 125 Microsoft Word letter templates, ready to use and move your job search forward. Is there a better resource for your needs than Martin Yate CPC and Knock 'em Dead?
Author Bio
New York Times bestseller Martin Yate, CPC is the author of 17 Knock 'em Dead career management books, collectively published in some 63 foreign language editions. He covers every aspect of modern job search and career management in his constantly updated body of work.Throughout these books he has crafted a unique approach to career management, dumping the traditional but discredited belief that success depends on blind loyalty to employers, and replacing it with a unique and timely strategy that puts your professional success, financial stability, and personal fulfillment front and center.Martin's body of work has helped millions of people achieve greater control over their destinies in an uncertain professional world, and he can help you too. His lifetime of experience and far-reaching contributions to every aspect of job search and career management strategy have established his global reputation as the thought leader of the career management world. As Dun & Bradstreet says, "He's just about the best in the business."Warm, witty, and down-to-earth, Martin always cuts to the chase and delivers actionable advice on every page of every book-groundbreaking insights into career management that you can put to work today to change the trajectory of your life forever.