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Knock 'em Dead Job Interview

How to Turn Job Interviews into Paychecks

Martin Yate

245 pages
Jumpingdude Media
If you are like 99.9% of all other professionals, you have less experience turning job interviews into job offers than you have with any other essential professional skill. Knock 'em Dead Job Interview will turn this weakness into strength, giving you a set of invaluable skills that you will still be using to sustain your professional growth and stability throughout the balance of your career. You'll learn how to prepare for job interviews and pick up tips for answering over 300 of the most frequently asked interview questions, including behavioral questions. You won't get canned answers, but rather an explanation of the thinking behind each question, and a preparation methodology that ensures you'll always know how best to answer truthfully and effectively. With answers to hundreds of questions, every page is packed with tips and tactics that will work for you at any job interview. You'll learn how to prepare psychologically for interviews, how to turn phone interviews into face-to-face interviews, and how to dress for success on the big day. You'll learn how to follow up effectively and negotiate the best possible job offers, and you'll also get 100 questions to ask that help you evaluate both the job offer and your potential new boss. With no filler and never a word wasted, Knock 'em Dead Job Interview shows you how to turn job interviews into job offers and paychecks, increasing your professional success and financial stability. This is advice that you'll value for a lifetime, could you use it?
Author Bio
New York Times bestseller Martin Yate, CPC is the author of 17 Knock 'em Dead career management books, collectively published in some 63 foreign language editions. He covers every aspect of modern hob serach and career management in his constantly updated body of work.Throughout these books he has crafted a unique approach to career management, dumping the traditional bu discredited belief that success depends on blind loyalty to employers, and replacing it with a unique and timely strategy that puts your professional success, financial stability, and personal fulfillment front and center.Martin's body of work has helped millions of people achieve greater control over their destinies in an uncertain professional world, and he can help you, too. His lifetime of experience and far-reaching contributions to every aspect of job search and career management strategy have established his global reputation as the thought leader of the career management world. As Dun & Bradstreet says, "he's just about the best in the business."Warm, witty, and down-to-earth, Martin always cuts to the chase and delivers actionable advice on every page of every book-groundbreaking insights into career management that you can put to work today to change the trajectory of your life forever.