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Life Chapters

Extraordinary Afterlives of People You Never Heard of

Galen Stoller K Paul Stoller MD

Dream Treader Press
Born out of a love that knows no boundaries between dimensions, the second book in the Death Walker series, a project between a father and his deceased son, has Galen reporting from the other side about how personality and beliefs influence one's entrance into this other dimension.
Author Bio
Galen Stoller, prior to the train accident that took his earth life at age sixteen, was an accomplished actor, ethical vegetarian, and helped train dogs for Assistance Dogs for the West. K Paul Stoller, MD, started his medical career as a pediatrician and currently uses hyperbaric medicine to treat brain-injured children and adults, including Iraqi vets, retired NFL players, and children with fetal alcohol syndrome. He is also the author of My Life after Life: A Posthumous Memoir and Oxytocin: The Hormone of Healing and Hope.