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Life Chapters

Extraordinary Afterlives of People You Never Heard of

Kenneth Stoller Galen Stoller

170 pages
Dream Treader Press
Book II in the Death Walker series looks more at what individuals bring with them to the other side. How personality and beliefs influence one's entrance into this other dimension. Hold in the back of your mind the possiblity that at any moment one can choose to shift and change the course of one's life.
Author Bio
Kenneth Stoller, MD, started his medical career as a pediatrician and in the mid-1990s began investigating hyperbaric medicine. He currently uses hyperbaric oxygen to treat brain-injured children and adults, including Iraqi vets, retired NFL players and children with fetal alcohol syndrome.Galen Stoller, prior to the train accident that took his Earth life, was an accomplished actorm ethical vegetarian, and helped train dogs for Assistance Dogs for the West.