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First International Conference on Parapsychological Studies at the University of Utrecht

Eileen J. Garrett Francis P. Bolton

136 pages
Parapsychology Foundation Inc
Each year, the Parapsychology Foundation hosts an international conference, during which a different topic relating to parapsychology is discussed. The conference was begun by Eileen J. Garret and Frances P. Bolton, shortly after they founded the Parapsychology Foundation. They brought together from all over the world some of the men and women working in isolation in a field regarded by many as too remote for respectable research. Eileen Garret inaugurated these conference to encourage those early parpsychologists to advance beyond an easy orthodoxy of thought and technique into the broader aspect of physics, chemistry, and biology and to relate these fields of research to the human personality and the largely unknown extrasensory capacities it contains.
Author Bio
Francis P. Bolton, Irish born naturalized American, was one of the most celebrated psychics of the 20th century noted for her pioneering work in scientific psychical research from the early 30's until her death in l970.She had the ability to attempt to fathom with greater understanding the so-called psychic gifts, and she displayed those with her introspective writings and associations with academicians and researchers the world over.

Eileen J. Garrett (1895-1970) was the founder of the Parapsychology Foundation. An author, and one of the most celebrated psychics and mediums of the 20th century, she was noted for her pioneering work in scientific psychical research.